Friday, January 1, 1971

The post I wrote before I was born

Diary Entry 1

You might be reading this posts because of one of the following two reasons: You may have either read everything I posted so far and this is the only one post left for you to read. Or you might have gone to the blog archieves picked the oldest post, which is this, and started to read. I have to tell you that this is a very recent post. I changed the date to make it the oldest post. The date of this post is 1/1/1971. It takes another 19 years from this date for me to come down to the earth and another 20 years before I start blogging. The dates of most posts are real. But sometimes, I change the order of the posts such that the oldest posts are the ones that are most boring and the ones that I wish you read last. So if this is the first post you are reading in my blog, I suggest you click home and go back to the most recent post. If you have read everything else, read on. 

The first question that my friend asked me after he read my blog was whether I was a Narcissist. He found nothing in my post that made me a Narcissist. The reason why I named the blog 'Diary of a Narcissist' was because I tend to go on and on about myself. When I first made this blog , I thought this was another place that I was going to ramble about myself. I have been consciously trying not to do that here. But then that's not entirely true. I asked another friend, who thinks one should dedicate his time and energy to a social cause, to see my blog. Before going into my blog he asked me what the blog was about. I told him its crap about me. His reaction was dude you are such a Narcissist. I thought of naming it Diary of a Egotist but Narcissist sounded a lot more cooler :D.

So what am I gonna write about? Frankly I don't know. But I sure hope to keep it interesting. I am not going to write about Politics, Economics and stuff that you can read in the news paper or magazine. I hope to write about the things that's happening in my life. Events and things that I think deserves coverage from the TIMES Magazine .

If you want to feel entertained this is the place to be. If you want to be educated I suggest you visit the Scientific American (Brilliant stuff).

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