Saturday, May 21, 2011

The Autobiography of Boy

Diary Entry 2

Rahul is my cousin who is ten years old. He had to write this for his school work :)

Chapter 1

The beginning of my life

The day I was born was very weird. Two giants were looking at me. I wanted to cry but I just looked at them. I had black hair, brown eyes and light brown skin. I was seven pounds. One of the giants said my name was Rahul. It was blurry but I knew they were my parents. This is just one part of my life. Read on to learn more.

Chapter 2

Early life

When I was three I wasn’t too smart. My mom and dad bought me a computer. I jumped on it and it broke; my parents weren’t too happy. They bought me another one and I was smart enough not to destroy it. I started school when I was three. When I went to school, the teacher didn’t like me very much. When I had to tell someone something important, she would yell at me. When the year ended I was sad to leave all my friends.

When I turned four, I flushed a tooth brush down the toilet and it turned out it was one of my parents tooth brushes. So my dad asked me “where is my tooth brush”? I eventually told him but I did not get in trouble. He told me never to do it again.

Chapter 3

Later life

When I was nine, I went on a field trip to Six Flags. I went on a roller coaster. When I went down hill, I felt I was going to die. At the end of the ride I told myself that I am not going on a roller coaster for some time. When I was ten, I was in a pickle with my piano. I had to prepare for a concert and I didn’t know the notes of the songs I was supposed to perform. I don’t know how it happened but one morning I got both the pieces correct. I did very well at the recital. When I went to the Lego store to get a $400.00 set, I felt like I have never seen such a cool place. When we got home, the Lego set was so heavy that I had to ask my dad to help me carry it from the car. It was 10:00 PM and so I could only build the little people in the set. You have just read some of the most memorable things in my life. I hope you have enjoyed them.

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  1. "When I had to tell someone something important, she would yell at me" How True. Our Teachers would look at us the very instant we open our mouth to talk to someone.

    Liked the part where you( or Rahul) broke the computer. Nice :)

    1. Lol thank you and rahul is my cousin by the way :)


    2. Hôi Ma âm lệ cười lạnh:

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