Thursday, September 1, 2011

How we talk on the phone

Diary Entry 26

At 9:30, every night my mother calls.

Me: Hello amma

Mom: Hello

Mom: Endha Vishashum? (What is new?)

Me: Vishashum onnum illa. (Nothing much)

Mom: Endengil vishashum parra da. (Tell me something da)

Me: hehe onnum sambavachilla ma. (Lol Nothing happened ma)

Mom: When are you coming home next?

Me: Dunno ma

Mom: Ahvada Mazha indoe? (Did it rain there?)

Me: Illa. (No)

Mom: Did you read the news paper today?

Me: Mmmmm

Mom: Sheesh

Me: Hehe I don’t have time to read news paper amma.

Mom: Eda, do you atleast know who Anna Hazaree is?

Me: Mmmmm lok pal blah blah.

Mom: My god. It is a shame if they ask you to say something about it in group discussion and if you have nothing to say.

Me: Mmmm

Mom: Ahharam Kaicho. (Did you eat anything?)

Me: mmmm

Mom: Ivada Sunny aunty nde maganu oru kutti prasavichu. (Here Sunny auntys son had a baby)

Me: mmmm

Mom: I will go out to get something for the baby tomorrow, so I can visit them over the weekend.

Me: Mmmm

Mom: The uncle in our colony, who works in MRF, in our colony died

Me: Mmmmm

Mom: Geroge uncles son got enganged.

Me: Mmmmm

Mom: Shantha chechi is getting a operation done

Me: Mmmm

Mom: It is not anything very serious.

Me: Mmmm

Mom: Hmmm how is class going? When is your exam?
Me: Mmmm

Mom: Grrr Po da. Ellathunum Mmmm Mmmm Para. (You say Mmmm Mmmm for everything.. Bye..)

Me: Hehe :D

Phone cut.

Call summary: 8 minutes 43seconds.


Two weeks later, I call my mother in the middle of the day when she is working.

Me: Hello amma. I want to do a summer training. Can you ask our colony uncle who is in MRF if I can join there.


Me: Oh? When??

Mom: @$%!$


Then there is dad. This is what happens when he calls.

Me: Hello

Dad: Hello Kutta? Vishashum onnum illalo? (There is nothing new rite?)

Me: Illa acha. (No Acha)

Phone cut.

Call summary – 4 seconds.

Each time my dad calls, I will be left wondering if my dad set a new world record for the worlds shortest phone conversation ever.


I hate talking to people over the phone because it restricts my ability to multitask. Since my dad is a multi multitasker, it is a lot more brief with him. And from what my mother told me when I went home last time, every male cousin of mine have similar if not less brief conversations, when they get a call from home. I assumed that this was the case with every guy.  But I was wrong.

One day I called my eating buddy to go out to eat. He told me I have to pay for him and he will pay me later on because he did not have any money at that point of time. I agreed and he told me he will come to my room at 7 Pm. He was on the phone when he came to my room. We went to the place where we eat and he was still on the phone. He made signals with his hand and told me what he wanted to eat and I placed the order for him. He was eating and he was still on the phone. I paid the bill and he was still on the phone. We came back to our rooms at 8:30 and that is when he said bye and hung up. He was speaking to a someone for ONE AND A HALF HOURS.

Me: Enna macha? Figure ah? (What Macha? Was it some chick?)

Friend: Illa da. That was my brother.  (No da. It was my brother.)


Friend: Enna da? (What da?)

Me: What did you talk to him for so long? Wait. How can you talk to him for so long?

Friend: Grr... Figure call panna mattum ne kaddala podarele? :x (You talk so long when chicks call rite? :x )  

Me: Sheesh.

He had a point there. I was not laconic to everybody I spoke to over the phone. That is when I realised that the people who I talk very little over the phone are the ones I am sure I wont lose no matter what. I tend to take those relationships for granted. So last time when someone complained that I don’t talk to them as much over the phone, I had only one thing to say, “Congratulations, You are the latest addition to my family tree.”

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The Damned Writer said...

LOL...thats so true :)..i do the same when i talk to mom n dad! just 'hmmm's n 'aah's n 'oh's...

nice post :)

the other side of me said...

LOL..i hate to talk on the phone..and mmmmm a lot when i talk with my distract me a lot and sometimes the mmmmm may sound awkward to the person on the other side of the line..

i usually have the conversation on speaker so that i can resume whatever i was doing:):)

ಅಶ್ವಿನಿ/ Ashwini said...

Oh gosh! so much so like me... Loved the post..

Confused Soul said...

Pretty much the case with me.. Aaahh yaa mmm haa with parents... In fact when my cousin calls he tells me it looks like he's talking to some stranger :P ...

But with besties I go on and on and on... Is that weird? Coz I don't wanna lose these guys too.. Looks like "taken for granted" in my case also.. shyaa kashtam :P

Sahana Rao said...

Oh my goD! That is so true. Snippets from my life too!
Great post...

Ayushi said...

:D :D not bad either :D

Anonymous said...

Its like opposite in my case. :O

I keep on blabbering and dad is like hmm..okay and all :P

P.S. Nice post :)..

I totally like the way you write. :) I hope one day I will be able to write as well. :)

Nirati said...

Huhuhuuu :P
I can talk for hours with anyone and everyone. :P
Poor your mom re :p I hate when people keep doing mmmm for everything I say!
Funny post, as usuaaal :D

Ananya said...

ROFL!!!! This reminds me of my conversation with my own parents!! :D

and btw, I was going through your previous post and trust me, those are the few words that I have picked up well being in Chennai for a year now.. :D I didn't know thala though .. in Bengali, thala means plate :D however, now I know what it means in thanks.. enjoyed reading your posts!! :D and oh , CHEERS TO NARCISSISM \M/ :D

haroon said...

nice and realistic post mr narcissist . Same with me too and with dad i exchange sms now and its working fine ....

Spaceman Spiff said...

I so relate to this. If I talk for more that ten minutes on the phone, my ears start to pain and I get restless. I start scribbling something or go into a world of my own. Then it'll be just a lot of mmm's and ok's.
I marvel at people who can talk on the phone for 2-3 hours. Yes, I know such people. I mean, HOW! When I was in a relationship, the max I could talk was 1 hour. After that relationship ended, so did my tolerance for talking on the phone. The only person I talk to daily is my mom. And that too just for 10 minutes, unless she has the news of the entire khaandaan to give me. I can text at the speed of light, but talking... nah..

By the way, I suffer from a disease called postsmilelongcomments-itis. Please to be excused.

Red Handed said...

your amma is just soo cute!!Rerminded me of the conversations i have with mine..
Dada just talk the core of every subject and hang up..Leaves me to figure out the rest!

Anonymous said...

Loved your conclusion :)

But if my Hubby were to ever try this ruse with me, I'd roast him alive.

shashank said...

Loved the last line

Stay Blessed ^_^

Anand said...

nice post Abhishek... Yes even I know people who talk hours on phone... Even I used to talk for hours in night during college days (conference calls u know). But I can't do that now as time is very limited but I had abundance of time then... :)

The Narcissist said...

Thank you anand :) Time is indeed something I seem to lack these days :)

You are my 100th follower. Congratulations :)

The Narcissist said...

Thank you shashank :D

The Narcissist said...

Now if i get married i better find someone who will put up with that :)

The Narcissist said...

LOL and I will say conversations over the phone should be like the one you have with dada :)

The Narcissist said...

LOL When in a relationship, we do things that amazes us :D

LOL and you are excused :D

The Narcissist said...

Lol my mom is a doctor and she still hasnt figured out how to text :D

The Narcissist said...

lol thank you and may Narcissism reign supreme :D

The Narcissist said...

lol yes my mom is pavam :)

Thank you :)

The Narcissist said...

they say women are verbal creatures ;)

Thank you for your compliment :)

The Narcissist said...

:D :D

The Narcissist said...

LOL I guess it is a story of all our lives :D

The Narcissist said...

Maybe it is a trait we mallus have :D But i must say contrary to what you do, I treat both my parents and best friends without discrimination.

The Narcissist said...

LOL Happy you could connect :D :D

And thank you :)

The Narcissist said...

Lol I do that loud speaker thing too :D It is nice to have both hands free. Now moved on to head phones :D

The Narcissist said...

Most People are like us I guess :)

And thanks :)

Nirali Naik said...

Hahaha ! :D Men , its a guy thing really ! Except those like your friend ofcourse . The last para was nice , now that I think of it even I have the shortest conversations with people I love most :D

The Narcissist said...

I guess that is because we dont have to worry about losing them...

Sahil Arora said...

awesome post

The Narcissist said...

Thank you :)