Friday, January 20, 2012

The Bloggers Guilt

By a blogger for a blogger

Diary Entry – 40

Life has been hard the last few months. I have several things to juggle - application for masters, Project work and other things which keeps my hands full. But what I do instead is login to bloggers and type away some crazy shit like this. When I am blogging a voice inside my head says the following:

“Yeah go ahead. BLOG. They should write a management book, about prioritizing, based on your life” *sarcasm*

So what happens is I feel terribly guilty about blogging and close my browser half way, with the hope of doing something useful and productive but end up watching an episode of some soap opera. Previously the voice in my head had only good things to say whenever I blog, but all that changed when I attended this job interview.

Interviewer: What are your hobbies?

Me: I write sir. (Nothing else actually counts. Watching television, texting your text buddies no no)

Interviewer: Oh what do you write?

Me: Sir I have written for my college magazine, I have been an editor blah blah

Interviewer: That is not really an example if you say writing is your hobby. Hobby is when you do something in your spare time.

Me: I also have a blog. (What else was I supposed to say?)

Interviewer: Oh you have a blog? How much time do you spend on this Facebook?

Since when did Facebook become a blog? And how will you answer that question? Sir I visit facebook once a month? He asked me a question that had no right answer. So I said:

Me: Sir. I don’t have a Facebook account.

When the results of the interview came out, I knew that was not the right answer. I have been thinking how blogging is productive and how it is different from facebook, ever since. That is how the guilt started.

But you shouldn’t take the word of an old man on technology. It is the problem with people who are in their sixties. They confuse shit. You will often find someone that age, tell you that blogging is a waste of time. They will have no idea what it is to begin with. The other day an uncle who lives in my colony told my mom that he wanted me to come to his house. He had something to teach me. My mother thought he was going to give me lessons on spirituality. She kept bugging me to go. This is what happened when I went there,

Me: Hello Uncle. How are you.

Uncle: Oh hey. I wanted to show you something I learnt in the computer. The computer is on, come on.

He is going to show me something on the computer that I don’t know already? May be he is a SEO or a web designing guru. Wow I never knew.
I went and sat near his computer.

Uncle: You know how much I love videos and music?

Me: Yeah?

Uncle: I found this awesome site which has so many videos and songs. It is fantastic.

Me: uh?

Uncle: It is called Youtube.

Me: :| (WOW)

Uncle: I will show you how it works.

Me: Uncle I know how it works.

That is when I realized uncle was deaf.  He could not hear a thing I said.

Uncle: These videos will cost me some 60 – 70Rs if I got them as CDs outside. Here I can get it for free.

Me: I see. :| (Shaking my head)

Uncle: You know you can download these videos also.

Me: Yeah I know.

Uncle: I will show you. Here is a thing which is called IDM.
For the next half an hour he explained how to search videos in YouTube, how to play them and then download them. We spent the next half an hour watching videos of old Hindi songs in HD. I should be given a medal for patience.

It will be fun to be an old man who tortures his grandchildren with long lectures about Youtube. But just hope you are deaf so that you cannot hear your own grandchildren cursing you.  

If we become old and tell our grandchildren that we had a great blog when were young, we can expect a reaction similar to the one I gave my colony uncle when he told me about Youtube. It really is no big deal to have a blog. What is so productive about it? Maybe it is unproductive to a lesser degree when compared to watching soap operas and facebooking. But it is still a waste of time none the less.

I still chose to write shit like this over doing something else, because it is fun. But the guilt that comes with blogging when you have other important things to do is equivalent to the guilt a married man gets when he is cheating on his wife – you are not supposed to be doing this because someone (or in this case something) is more important than this. So an hour ago I took this questionnaire about blogging, that a fellow blogger made me take. There was this question on how important the number of readers were for me. It used to be very important for me before when I started blogging. But with the kind of comments that some of you give to my blog post, I think why in the world you people exist. I write a blog post about something and one blogger will give me a comment saying “Nice”, as if my blog is a girl’s ass or a costly sports car. People like that usually don’t read anything  other than the title. They expect you to read their blogs in return for the great comment they left. If you have a blog with readers like that, you should feel even more guilty that you are writing stuff for such losers to comment on. 

But I guess life is all about doing what you love and what makes you happy and if blogging makes you happy like it does in my case then that is reason enough to feel good about blogging.

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43 Comments for this post:

CookieCrumbsInc. said...

:D I spent the night before my semester exams blogging. Nobody can top me... HA!

And wow, you SHOULD be given a medal for patience :D Paavam grandpa and his discoveries.
Next he'll teach you how he found 'an amazing site with lots of pictures of anything I want' - Google images :P

The Narcissist said...

You are a blogging machine :D Grandpa loves videos and music which is why he was blown away by youtube.

Fredjeev said...

instead of saying that you write, give your blog address... speaks for itself. nice blogging.

subhorup dasgupta said...

Nice, but kitna deti hai? :)

You have described the "what do you do" situation so perfectly. I am asked this a lot, and when I say I write, and that too mostly on a blog that does not result in earnings, I get a lot of funny looks.

My parents are in their 80s and they "discovered" the internet a few years back, so I could really identify about that too. Keep writing.

Red Handed said...

Heheheh blogging makes me feel guilty too but far lesser way than facebooking and tweeting does. It has its benefits I suppose. And my grandfather was mesmerised by youtube and still watches temple videos in it. Hehe but I love him.
Well some readers, just comment so tht you go read and comment on thr posts as a favour. Its the 'I scratch ur back, you scratch mine' policy.

Abhyudaya said...

I do guilt free blogging. Of course I take a nice shower after reading my own blogs. Boy needs his soul cleansed!

Nirali Naik said...

ayee ! Not at all ! If I was asked about my blog I would flaunt it too :P !!!
As long as you enjoy it how does it matter .
The next time you are asked this tell the interviewer : " Don't judge , eat fudge :P and go read it before you give me any strange looks "
You write well , dont call it waste of time :)

anatreek said...

Do what you feel like..don't feel guilty..stuff people think that are worthy enough to do are not so worthy, they are just hyped!

The Narcissist said...

When I tell you I am gold, it is no hype :D

The Narcissist said...

When you sit for an interview, I dare you to tell the interviewer that line :D

The Narcissist said...

LOL Is this a clever trick in luring me to read your blog post? :D :D

The Narcissist said...

A policy where I always fail to scratch their back in return :D :D

The Narcissist said...

Glad you could connect my friend :)

The Narcissist said...

Yeah if I say my blog address is - they will give me a job. Because Narcissism is something which looks good in the resume :)

Nirali Naik said...

Oh i did actually :P I told an interviewer that I have a blog and I put some pictures that i click ( stopped doing that now ) and that i write sometimes etc.
The only difference being he took it well and took actual interest =) .
PS : I got the job :D but had to decline ( long story :P )

And you went on a roll on my blog ..commented on everything :P

Prasanna said...

Nice. (trololololololo .... :D )
Why would someone relate facebook to blogging, unless he is complacent and happy in writing up statuses and garnering likes? There really is no comparison between facebooking and blogging. LOLing and LMAOing is all facebook is, while it takes a lot to write a blog post. The draft, the grammar and spelling, the layout, the pics and finally the publish and responding to comments.

Cheers, Narcissist, and don't you ever stop blogging no matter what.

The Narcissist said...

I find posting status messages in facebook more difficult than blogging my friend :D

The Narcissist said...

Well my life doesnt really give me the time to pay attention to my blog leave alone others. So when I do read other peoples blog, I try to read as much as I can :D I have a reputation for giving comments which are out of this world. :D I probably did not live up to that in your blog. Oh well there is always time till Dec 2012 for that ;) :P

Nirati said...

Hhahahahahahahahaa xDDD
Since when does writing "000h, it$ so c00l" and commenting "sexcieee" & "thanks. lolzzie" = blogging? =P
Guess I missed that part haan.
And that YouTube thing cracked me up! Hahahaha. Poor you! Tch tch!
And hello, get back to blogging loads. like before. ok?
Take care you :D

Nirali Naik said...

You talk sooo much *looks in awe* :P
And you are one of them :P :O - 'People that think the world is going to end ':O
I think you have much more time than that :p waiting for the out of this world comments :D

The Narcissist said...

Where have you been the past few months? :O

The Narcissist said...

I personally think our Mayan brothers were just messing with us but it is still fun to use it in a conversation especially if it freaks the other person out. Sad you are a non believer like me :P

cmus said...

Last line says it all.
[Just stumbled upon your blog.]

PS - Nice.


The Narcissist said...

Thank you

Kunal said...

I absolutely think, you should get an award for patience. But, I do think that was a sweet gesture from your side. :) should never feel guilty for doing things he enjoys doing. There will always be important things to do in the background, but procrastinating isn't always that bad.. :P

Good Luck.

The Narcissist said...

I just hope procrastinating doesnt cost me my life :D At the moment, it sure seems like it.. I will get back to blogging when I am done dealing with it :)

Kirklops said...

Contrary to what people say procrastination is not necessarily a bad thing. It can in fact be the best thing about you, ask Jorge Cham (don't know him? you are applying for masters. you'll know soon enough). There's this argument about structured procrastination where by having a to-do list and starting off by ticking the least important boxes you in fact end up doing more productive stuff than focusing only on what you think is the most important. So cheer up mate and good luck with you app.

Anonymous said...

Ditto! I have been feeling guilty about not doing tasks that are lined up for past few months and when I do, I feel guilty about not reading the blogs that I used to. I am getting busy each passing day and there is always a guilt.

As far as youtube and facebook details mentioned here :| That is awful. Especially when an interviewer doesn't understand the love for blogging and simply rubbishes it as social networking.

~ Chintan

The Narcissist said...

I guess that is one way to look at it. But rite now the things I have been procrastinating is going to fall on me all together. I better get things done. FAST. :D Thanks for dropping by.

The Narcissist said...

Well in my case, writing and reading blogs were what made me guilty. :) I guess it will all get better in a month. :)

Bikram said...

oh my oh my.. hats off to ur patience .. I could not do that .. but then I am not that great with all that goes on .. I know bits and pieces and thats all..

I have blogged when I am not supposed to , but then guilt has not come .. maybe i am weird that way he he he eh


Anonymous said...

I guess I can understand your guilt. My exams are just around the corner and all I am doing these days is reading blogs or writing about random stuff. :| You know it goes, one blog post leads to another and then that leads to to another blog and you end up spending hours and hours reading blogs. :|

P.S. You just made me feel more guilty about reading blogs. :P

P.P.S. I promise I am going offline after publishing this post, will give my books the pleasure of coming out of my bag. :P :D

P.P.P.S. All the best for your job interviews and masters applications. :D

-Vyoma :)

The Narcissist said...

Most people will say you are normal so you dont have to worry :D

The Narcissist said...

My blogs blessings be with you. You will top this exam :D

Anonymous said...

Just pray that I do. :P

I don't want my laptop to be confiscated. :P

Akshay Kumar G said...

Nice :P

I can understand your situation. At times there will be a lot of things going on in my mind and I want to blog about it but I feel at the same time is it really worth? I should be doing something important. So yeah very nicely you have expressed those emotions. :)

Menachery said...

:D ... Funny this one..

But most of all , i love the efforts put in by the elderly to understand the reasons behind us spending so much time over the internet , with our phones, than with them.....

Im hoping the same doesnot happen with me, im a tech-illiterate :P ... sigh, am sure my kids wd say the same sm day :P :D

The Narcissist said...

Lol man go study :D

The Narcissist said...

Thank you :)

The Narcissist said...

Yet you have a blog? :D

Jen..The Butterfly Effect said...

LOL! "Nice" post! :) Ha ha ha.Now don't get pissed off!

But this post really made me laugh like many others. Even I harbor that kinda "blogging guilt" often.It'll be like,tomorrow I have this project review at college and I'll be sitting and almost thrashing my keyboard,BLOGGING!!!! :D

Awesome post!I'd like to follow ya! And let me put this blunt- I'd be flattered to get a follow back! *evil grin*:)

The Narcissist said...

Lol I am glad you liked it. Let me check out your blog in depth, before I start following you. :)

The Narcissist said...

I think my grandchildren will still believe I am awesome :D