Tuesday, November 22, 2011

The Crooked Tooth

Diary Entry – 33

Mom: We should take you to a dentist sometime.

Me: Why? Is something wrong with my teeth?

Mom: Mmm there is nothing wrong with your teeth but it does not hurt to get an opinion about things from a professional.

Me: Uh? Opinion about what?

Mom: Your teeth of course. I think we can make it look better than what it is now.

Me: Oh you mean get a cleaning? I could use that. I hear women these days are attracted to weird things like manicured nails and straightened hair. Whitening my teeth seems a lot more logical that all that.

Mom: Well I was thinking more in the lines of braces da.

Me: What? Why do I need braces? Is my teeth misaligned or something?

Mom: I think your teeth are a bit crooked.

(I run to bathroom to look into the mirror.)

Me: Oh my god. Mom why did you not tell me this before? I thought normal human beings had teeth like mine. :O

Mom: It is nothing to worry about. We can get it fixed in a few months.

Me: Will wearing braces be painful.

Mom: You don’t have to worry. It will be a little uncomfortable at first but you will get used to it. Also these days they have these internal braces you can wear.

Me: Okay. I want to get this done as soon as possible.

Mom: You can also get your teeth whitened when you are there. The Dentist is my patient so you will get quality treatment.

Me: Hmmm okay.

I go to the dentist. Lie down and get my teeth cleaned and whitened.

Dentist: Your mother tells me that your teeth are crooked and you might need braces to fix it.

Me: Yeah she told me that too. Is it very bad?

Dentist: Exactly the teeth in which jaw does she find crooked?

Me: What? You are asking me?

Dentist: Well I am not sure which tooth she finds crooked.

Me: Why don’t we call her up then?

I call.

Mom: Hello. What happened?

Me: Amma. Which tooth do you have a problem with?

Mom: What? Give the phone to the dentist.

Me: Okay

My mom and the dentist have a small talk and the dentist hands the phone back to me.

Dentist: Open your mouth.

Me: Aaahhhhhh.

Dentist: I think she is talking about this tooth over here. It is slightly crooked.

Me: Can we fix it? Is it very bad?

Dentist: Tell me. What course are you doing right now?

Me: huh? I am doing engineering?

Dentist: You plan to make a career as a model or movie star?

Me: What? No. 

Dentist: Then nobody is going to notice this one crooked tooth of yours. Have a good day.

 When in doubt about how I look, I ask the opinion of the lady who noticed the crooked tooth that even the dentist could not find after examining my mouth. Most of the time she thinks I look great. Nothing can be more reassuring.   

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  1. Really good! Well written, leaves you with a smile on your face and that's all you want! :D :D
    Naice! :P :D
    And the pics were cute! :D

  2. hahahaha future movie star eh?
    Cutttee mom u got!

  3. That was a good one. Hmmm Mom's are the best always

  4. With veneers, no one will be able to tell you weren’t born with that perfect smile.

    1. I would like to believe I have perfect smile without the need for a veneer

  5. Acho your Mom is so pavam da.. And you made me laugh when the doc couldn't fig it out...LOl .. Nice read :D

  6. mums can be the best critics.. Sometimes, they over do it too :P

    This one was such a cute post :)

  7. Haha. Mom’s can really go overboard at times!


  8. So that was your tooth story...pretty cool...you should be lucky enough to have escaped the fixing part...I've heard its painful!....and yeah, Moms!! :D

  9. I will love it if you write a guest post for me.. Please ? If you have the time mail me something you'd like to write on my blog..
    My email id


    1. Thank you and thank you again :D

      I will let you know soon :)

  10. aww! sweet mom!
    wondering what the dentist thought of the strange situation!

    1. He must have been left wondering why he became a dentist :D

  11. This is so awww :D Movie star it seems :P !! Mum's I tell you , so cute she is :D

  12. ha ha ha :) One of my teeth is crooked too :P
    Nice Writing Style..
    Neenga Tamil ah?? :)

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