Monday, June 27, 2011

For those who think my english is good

Diary Entry 12

My special thanks to Zephyr   

Dear Adulator,

Some people say my english is really great. Some even ask me for advice to help them improve. But the truth remains that my english is and will continue to remain pathetic. Maybe sometimes I can talk and impress you with words, but when it comes to writing my english is only as good as the english I had as a 5th grader. You know why? When I write, I still make the same mistakes I did then. Spelling has been something that has eluded me ever since I started to write. You dont see it here because of the spell check technology that gets rid of most of the errors. However the homophones and words that are spelled almost the same escape the spell check.

I had it all confused since I was young. Talking to women have helped me in a lot of places. Spelling is one of those places. I said this to a girl over the yahoo messenger,"Hey sweatie, wassup?". If you dont find any mistake in that then you are like me and I welcome you to the club. If you cant figure out why in the world I said that, I was actually trying to say sweetie and not sweatie. She for the first time thought that it was a honest mistake. But as I kept saying it, she thought I was making fun of her body odour. She told me to stop teasing her and that she will use a better perfume or deo next time.

You see people, the folks in school who were my english teachers never corrected spelling mistakes after the 5th grade. Mostly because if they corrected them, it would make them look silly. That did not help me and I kept making the same mistakes over and over again. Few of you might condone this and say hey everybody does that and that these things need no corrections. But its the people who have the guts to correct me when I am wrong that I like the most. My newly found friend corrected the spelling of a word I used when I sent her a message. The very next message she apologized for correcting me. Why should someone apologize for helping. I realize that most people are annoyed when they are corrected, but I on the other hand feel very grateful. So if you see me making mistakes please do correct them and dont  feel like you are correcting Milton. This ordinary guy with his ordinary english will think that you are Angel and not a Angle after that.


P.S - For those who have not heard me speak in English, I dont have that mallu accent for the most part. The only words I say with a mallu accent is Banana and Parrota (or Borrota or Barrota or whatever) .

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Confused Soul said...

Awww I have a friend with the same problem... His English is really good and makes a good orator, but when it comes to writing, he messes up with spelling mistakes.. At least you use the spell-check, he doesn't even do that... Initially I was hesitant to point it out, but slowly I did and then would apologise.. But then, now he doesn't need the spell-check..he's doing pretty well..

And I don't know why I'm telling you this, but again, it's linked to your post.. You write well.. be proud :)

The Narcissist said...

LOL spell check doesnt correct the words like sweet and sweat which have only a letter different in them :) So it is still a problem :)

The Narcissist said...

:D :D Thank you thank you :D :D *Bows*

Harshini said...

Well, I've something to tell you here, the moment i stepped into college, I made sure that I'll forget all my english! and it's happening that I stammer and i've started thinking a lot before i talk, it's no more spontaneous! there's no such "auto correct" option for me!
and if you're gonna call yourself a 5th grader then I'm a toddler! :o and bleh, i love the way mallus say "coffee" :o Good one! :D

The Narcissist said...

Your English seemed fine to me :P. Sigh I do not say coffee as ko-fee