Wednesday, June 29, 2011


Diary Entry 13

Many people dread the number Thirteen. There is even a phobia called Triskaidekaphobia, fear of thirteen. In fact it has been suggested that there is a loss of around $900 million around the globe during Friday the 13th, because people are so afraid of the date and they move their wedding, travel plans etc to a later date. 

I dont think thirteen is unlucky. Angelina Jolie doesnt think that either. This lady got the number Thirteen tattooed to her hand (see image). Something bad must have happened to her right? Well she won the oscar for Changeling. Brad Pitt even left his long time girlfriend Jennifer Aniston for Angelina. I mean come on this lady is carrying this satanic number in her hand and she sees it every day. I dont know about you but getting a Oscar and if you are a girl having brad pitt as your boy friend isnt exactly something I would call bad luck.

Then there is all this fuss about Friday the 13th. I can see why the Christians and the Jews find it unlucky. But why the hindus and even athiests? Hindus, what happened to the good old times when we had our own superstitions like the cat crossing our path bringing bad luck. Cats scared the shit out of you people before. Now you have them as pets and make a fuss about Thirteen. Sometimes even the atheists gets it all messed up. They dont believe in god and shun it as superstition. Finding thirteen unlucky is not superstitious?

So when you see the number thirteen next time, dont run away like there is no tomorrow. Wait for a moment and look more closely. You might find Angelina there ;)

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The Narcissist said...

LOL I will need all the luck in the world to find my angelina i guess :) Thank you