Saturday, July 2, 2011


Diary Entry 14

Jesus Christ guys. I have no idea why you guys read this post so much. It has no reason to be this popular.

Every year when I have to go back to college after a really long vacation I make a big fuss at home. I tell my mother that college is no good and the stuff they teach I will never use in my life. This time I was explaining to her the concepts of Tribology and how I had no clue why I even studied it last semester. The Tribology class I conducted in the kitchen failed to convince my bored mother to let me stay for another week at home. 

So with the hope that I have to get through only one more year, I end up in college again. When you meet the people here, you realise you have another family away from home and you sort of start liking college. But then you get hungry and go to the mess to eat and you start missing home all over again. But still friends can change the way you see pain. Their faces when they see hostel food will tell you, you are not alone in the world. 

Then there is class. Being in mechanical engineering has been better than being in any other engineering department so far. As far as I know there is only one negative side in this department which is the male to female sex ratio. In my college its 230:6. Its not that bad, because when I tell my friends who are doing mechanical in other colleges that there are 6 girls in my batch, they always say the same thing. “MACHA!!! 6 Ponnungala??? :O” ( Roughly translated - WHAT? THERE ARE 6 GIRLS?) . But things like free hours and super lenient staffs for example makes you forget the absence of the fairer sex. Being able to sleep every day after lunch is something everybody who does engineering wants but only we get.  But this semesters happens to be the worst semester ever. We have the least free hours. FOUR labs means we have to wear uniform almost EVERYDAY. I can go on complaining I guess but like every semester in the past it feels really horrible in the beginning but when it ends it will feel just as bad because it got over too soon. When it gets over this time, its going to be the last time.   

P.S – Mechanical still ROCKS!!! :D

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