Monday, July 4, 2011

For the desperate man

Diary Entry 15

Recently I have been hearing a lot of talk about guys wanting to socialize with Swedish figures. If you are the type who goes into a chat rooms or pays for dating sites to meet foreign women then you MUST read this. 

My special thanks to Hot.chennai.hunk without whom I would have never known about the hot Swedish chicks.

Dear Casanova,

The mistake most guys make is that they think girls are like boys :D. Well they are, but then again they dont go to chat rooms to meet strangers with the hope of finding their life partners. If you been to a chat room you probably met Stacy, Tiffany and Cute-Angel. If you think they are girls, then you cannot be more mistaken.  Often you will find in chat rooms that girls want to talk only to girls. This is because they are actually guys who are a little more desperate than you. You might think he is a girl and log in with a girls name yourself so you can chat with her (eh him). The end result - Two guys talk to each other thinking the other is a girl. Sometime girls will ping you even if you are not under a female alias. You will feel as if you were selected for the noble prize, out of all the other possible candidates in the world. At this moment I would like you to ask yourself why someone named stacy.california will talk to someone named shekar.chennai? I would like to think that stacy is bored but you know how it is in the west, you seen dostana right? You might think this is a gross attempt to scare you and you might think such people dont exist. But as it turns out, they do exist and its not bad to be paranoid about things like this. If you are looking to meet only 'women', I strongly advice staying away from chat rooms. Chat rooms are for the molesters and rapist. If you are a guy and if you are 21 and if you get molested and that too online, then there is nothing humiliating than that. 

So does that mean that no girl ever goes to chat rooms? Well there are some girls who do show up in chatrooms. I dont think that is anything for you to rejoice about. Most of these girls cant get partners in real life, because they are what some call Big Beautiful Woman (BBW). Some guys do like them, and the only place for girls like that to meet such men is chat rooms. But I dont think BBW is the sort of Swedish chick you had in mind. Most guys think they are talking to super models. But this is the sad truth folks.

Few of you still wont believe me and will continue to go to chat rooms. If we conduct a poll to see how many women know what chat rooms are, leave alone use them, we will see that the vast majority of the female population will vote for "They dont know". The small minority who votes for "They know" will either be desperate guys like you trying to manipulate the polls or will be girls who have brothers who are desperate guys like you. If you want to socialize with women have the guts to talk to the ones you already know, like that class hottie you have been drooling at for the past few decade.  Take her to the canteen. Buy her panni poori and other cheap things to eat. But what ever you do, please stop flirting to that guy who calls himself Cute Angel.

The Narcissist

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prbhas23 said...

i thnk u too was molested by some cute angel :p :p

prbhas23 said...

in phone by a stranger ??
i hope not :O

The Narcissist said...

Lol. Yes. Twice. Once in a chat room and once over the phone :)

The Narcissist said...

Lol a friend (guy) pretended to be another friend (girl). Stranger no. Molested yes. And he is straight if you ever thought otherwise... :D Not that naive anymore. These days even if real girls call you tend to think its a prank. :D